Friday, March 6, 2009

Where does all that rubber go?

As you may have guessed, Stampin' Up has alot of pieces left over after cutting the rubber for their rubber stamps. Have you ever wondered where all the bits go? Afterall, when they make a stamp set, they have to cut each set out of a HUGE piece of rubber, and toss the leftovers. What about the flawed or defective batches? Yup, they get tossed too. But not just anywhere.....


Here's a bit of info that shows just what an environmentally-friendly company Stampin' Up really is, and just one of the many reasons that I LOVE Stampin' Up!  

From the SU home office:

"Rather than dumping our excess rubber in a landfill, we donate it to Courage Reins, a nonprofit organization that provides horseback riding therapy for physically or mentally challenged children. They take our ground rubber and sell it to groups (and individuals) for use in playgrounds and horse stables. The money they receive from the sale of this rubber goes to fund their programs. You can find more information about Courage Reins at"



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