Thursday, May 10, 2012

Virtual Stamp Club

Virtual Stamp Club-001


Do you wish you could improve your paper-crafting knowledge?

 Do you want to be inspired on a regular basis? Do you want to save time in making projects? And all this without leaving your home?


YES? Then, my 


is for YOU!


What is it? 

virtual Stamp Club is an exclusive monthly club for Canadian paper-crafters,
who want to improve their skills, learn some new techniques, be inspired and
motivated with beautiful project ideas, and get some new products, all at the
same time. You will get an online class from me, every month, in the form of
videos, or .pdf files, or other templates and photos.


What is
it going to do for you?

It's going to give you new ideas, new products of your choice, put
some new techniques under your belt, and inspire you to really get creative, on a regular basis.


How does
it work?

The Virtual Stamp Club is a 6-month minimum commitment, with no
end-date! You can stay in it for as long as you like! You will place a minimum
$35 order per month, from your home, through my online store. Your order will
be shipped directly to your house. Each month, after you place your order, you
will receive an exclusive online class from me, valued at $20, for being a
member of the club. 



Sound like it's just for you? 

Click below....


Read all the details & sign up now!