Saturday, August 15, 2009

My hubby's Top 5 Convention-Swap picks!

Every time I attend a Stampin' Up event, I come home with some amazing swaps! And every time, my DH spends some time looking thru them and picking his favorites. Here he is.....

Convention 2009 508

He is so interested in the different techniques, and he likes to "sort" them into piles, of his favorites, least favorites etc. So....I decided this year I would post his TOP 5. (I will also post my TOP 5 in a couple days.) For now, here they are, in no particular order.

Convention 2009 509

The one above is made by ???? (no name on this one-if you know it, please email me!)

Convention 2009 510

This one was made by Amy Rogers.

Convention 2009 511

Love the icecream cone! This was made by a demonstrator in my sideline, Natasha Hein.

Convention 2009 512

The one above was made by a fabulous lady in my side-line, Angela McKay.

Convention 2009 513

The above little monkey was also made by  Natasha Hein. Isn't he cute?!

Thanks for all the swaps ladies! Love them all!

Pop in back to see my TOP 5 soon!



  1. omigosh.. your husband is way to funny! my son sorted my swaps out too when i came home.. the "pink" cards with flowers and dress were in the least favorite pile..LOL.. way to cute!

  2. tell your hubby he is too sweet! Thank you:) Miss you! It was great getting to know you finally!