Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cruise pics

I had such a great time on the Stampin' Up Cruise, and I want to share a few pics with you! It is so unbelievable to me that for FIVE years in a row I have earned an all-expenses paid trip from Stampin' Up. How many companies pay for their employees to go on a free trip, with their spouse?! Crazy! Anyway, I am blessed to "work" for a wonderful company who provides this opportunity. Did you know that if you held ONE workshop a week, you could most likely earn a free trip too? Working one day a week! On top of the income! Making cards and scrapbook pages! If this blows your mind, like it does mine, contact me to get started!

Back to the cruise...here we are in Puerto Rico on Day 1, before we got on the ship, going to check out an old fort with our friends, Kari and Tom (http://thestampingrounds.typepad.com ), who also earned the amazing trip. 

Southern Caribbean Cruise - April 2010 010

Southern Caribbean Cruise - April 2010 020

This was so cool, being inside the tunnels, but my chlostrophobia was starting to kick in...

Southern Caribbean Cruise - April 2010 038

Southern Caribbean Cruise - April 2010 063 

After the fort we walked thru some of the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and had a great day before heading to the ship.

Loved these steep cobblestone streets! And it was hot, real hot!

Southern Caribbean Cruise - April 2010 082

 Stay tuned for more fun!



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