Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Decorating.....

Well, Happy New Year! (my last post was on Dec 31st!-sorry!) I have been away from blogging for three weeks now, and am happy to be back! When I started a new exercise regimen at the beginning of January, I had no idea it would cut into my blogging time! But it has, and I am working on finding new time slots for all the things I want to do :)

Also, I have been very busy with some home decorating, and want to share some photos with you. Over the month of December, and into January, we converted our garage into two bedrooms. My daughter was so excited to be awarded one of these new rooms, after sharing with her brother for over a year. After all the construction was done, she and I got busy painting....

2008 Dec - Jan 2009 042 

(Yes, I know it's not my best look......and yes, that's a tea-towel on my head....I didn't want paint in my hair, okay? )  :)

2008 Dec - Jan 2009 047 

We did the walls in Sahara Sand, and Old Olive :)

2008 Dec - Jan 2009 054 

Here it is all painted.  And then we waited....and waited......for the trim to get put on, and the paint to cure, and then we moved the furniture in last week.

We were getting so excited to add the finishing touches ...Stampin' Up's Decor Elements wall decor, but we needed to give the new paint at least two weeks to cure before adding those. The order finally came, and we got to it. It turned out great, and I'll share those pics tomorrow.......



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