Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Scrapbooking Myth #3

Continued from my previous 2 blog posts about Scrapbooking Myths. (Excerpts taken from a Stampin' Success magazine article by Lisa Mabey.)


Myth #3: Pages are supposed to start with photos that tell a story.


Truth: Photos are just one way of triggering your memory and telling your story. There are other ways to start and finish scrapbook pages. When you think of preserving one memory at a time using your photos as illustrations, you’ll find inspiration in the smallest things, and you’ll find that a

single photo or series of photos can trigger powerful memories. Think about these three alternate ways to start your creative juices. 

  1. Concentrate on people in your life or your feelings about a person or event. Maybe your favorite part of being a mom is the myriad facial expressions your child pulls on a daily basis. Capture your thoughts and a few choice expressions for the page page. Photos can come after the idea for the page! 
  2. Using a “Top 10” gives you a venue to really share who you are and what you like, but if it doesn’t work for you, find another way to express your likes and dislikes. Pages don’t always have to be about a specific photo.
  3. Be willing to change your approach any time you need to. Don’t limit yourself to one type or size of album or page. Why not try an album with a mix of portrait and landscape pages?

Scrapbook page 3 Jan 2009 SS

Even though years have passed since my scrapbooking rebellion began, I still love breaking the rules. I love changing the shape of my canvas, trying challenging color combinations or accessories I usually wouldn’t, and including unusual bits and pieces that tell my story how I want it told. I cling to simplicity, and I feel freedom in knowing that my scrapbooks and pages are not dictated by anyone else’s rules. I invite you to do the same.

What stops you from scrapbooking? Allow yourself the freedom to break some of these unwritten scrapbooking rules and enjoy scrapbooking again (or for the first time).

..........I hope this series of scrapbooking articles has encouraged you to try some new things, and dive into scrapbooking! I know it has inspired me!

Have a great New Year!


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