Friday, December 5, 2008

Reverse Masking

The card below is using a neat technique called Reverse Masking to make this cute Christmas ornament card.

2008 018   

It was designed by Kim for my Downline Shoebox Swap, and here's how she did it......

Stamp the green background with snowflakes in White Craft Ink. Allow to dry. Cut a circle out of scrap cardstock. Hold it over the Red cardstock piece, and stamp some larger snowflakes inside the circle, overlapping the edges here and there. Then, being careful not to move the mask, sponge some white ink inside the circle, concentrating the ink around the edges. Remove the mask, allow to dry, and embellish as you like!

(The ornament looks a lot prettier if you put only a small amount of white ink in it. Don't cover it too much.)

Thanks for the great idea, Kim!

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