Monday, December 29, 2008

Scrapbooking Myth #2

Continued from my previous post.....let's get rid of these scrapbooking myths that hold us back!


(Excerpts taken from a Stampin' Success magazine article (for Stampin' Up Demonstrators) written by Lisa Mabey.)


Myth #2: I’m never going to get caught up.


Truth: Let’s get one thing straight: if you think you need to scrapbook every event or every photo in this age of digital images, you’re right—you’ll never get “caught up". But the good news is that you don’t have to, nor do you need to make multiples of every page you create, make all your pages the same size, scrapbook your life chronologically, or anything else you don’t want to do.


Scrapbooking is extremely personal, so why do we feel compelled to abide by “rules” that burden us? Don’t get discouraged by the details of scrapbooking. Some people don’t even start scrapbooking because they feel like they have to do some or all of these things all of the time to have a meaningful scrapbook. Not true. Your scrapbook can be meaningful and inspiring when you are

selective in what you scrapbook and let any guilt, pressure, or feeling of obligation you may have about scrapbooking go (like exhaling all your negative thoughts in yoga—cleansing, isn’t it?).

don’t worry about scrapping every event, holiday, and milestone in your children’s lives. All they really need are the highlights.....


Scrapbook page 2 Jan 2009 SS

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